Goid bye little man

Both Belle and I have been sad all week. Gizmo is now playing with his previous roomie Keely and Koda.

He was a big dog in a little body who grew up tough playing rough with Koda.   Now we are 2 dogs, still wanting in a trailer and in Florida for the winter.                

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Rollin away

We have been on the road about a week. Skye here . Belle is still getting car sick. Gizmo has turned into an old little dog and is starting to show his 16 plus years of age. We call him the grumpy old man.

The colors on the Blue Ridge parkway are getting nice, the higher elevations have past peak but there is still some color just a little lower. A few pics from Brevard SC and a little south.

We found this on Marcys phone number and thought it would be fun to share with other dogs.

Tomorrow we roll down to FL and should land in 2 days in our winter home.. Can’t wait for some sun and warmer weather and most of all some longer walks.. This camp ground has small loops.. We need to run and play.. Counting the days till we can stretch out our legs

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Back in MI

After wandering to the north slowly we have landed in southern MI.

On the way we stopped in the SC foothills for a weeks visit. Our people wandered with others so we were left to entertain ourselves for a few afternoons.

They saw a couple old things while wandering , the oldest bridge in the state of South Carolina plus the eyes of the forest that was watching over the bridge near by. Pretty cool

The eyes of the forest are watching you

The next stop was in Crossville TN for a visit with many other Grand Design trailer owners. This was Skye and Belle’s first rally. Skye enjoyed all the people and activity. Me , (Gizmo) I always like being with people… They think I’m cute

Well be staying in one place until mid July.. Then we get to roll again

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Are you listening to me ?

It appears Belle has found her voice and has no issue using it at every opportunity. Sometimes she even talks to me but usually it is at Marcy or Gary…I sit and giggle because they have no clue what is being said.

The 2 videos show how she is using her vocal chords to the best of her ability. When she is done she just stops suddenly. Below is a link to her rants


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Enjoying the Sunshine

Here we are back where we came from, Florida. We are lucky girls to be able to travel around with our People and Gizmo.
From MI to here we stopped in a cute little area in the SC foothills  called Pumpkintown.
Made some new friends and we didn’t eat anyone so we must be getting better. Bella still is nippy at times but I am the tasting type. If I do nip it’s usually when you move away without permission. I am a herding dog afterall. No sheep so all I have to herd is people, Gizmo does not herd to well, he even gets a little grumpy and barks at us..well more at Bella than me

We really enjoy being in the the foothills
We got rained on by 2 tropical storms. One while in SC and the other in FL, it was almost a hurricane for a short time before it got to us. We were on a  Lake front spot for a day until things dried up some

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Sitting still and finally moving on

We had been parked for a while and staying in one spot was new to us but we are learning and experiencing so many new things !! Gizmo is used to all this so he’s been showing us the ropes. Bella has been a nut and barking at so many things. And me, I just want to be with my people and be loved.
We have 2 other puppies to play with so life is never dull for to long

left to right…Arwin, Gimley, Bella, Gizmo in back and Skye

One of my favorite peeps had surgery and is now doing well so we got going back on the road at the end of Oct , time to run south away from the upcoming cold winter. We are now not quite settled in our winter resting spot.

In the mean time we kept playing and having fun, there is a nice park nearby to walk in and meeting new people. Walking is teaching me to not be afraid of everyone. Still a little slow at letting anyone new pet me but I like sniffing and tasting them. If they pass the test then they can pet me without reaching over my head.

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7 Long Hours

Ya know, I’m just a little dog and only 5 mos old.  This is my first time on the blog, this is Bella. Marcy has taken to calling me little devil dog or she demon for some reason. She even joked about renaming me…hahaha   I do get carried away when I see other dogs and can’t seem to control my barking just yet. I’m almost always looking for something fun to do (except when I nap) After all I’m just an excitable little young Aussie. But full of love and kisses..sometimes I even sit still enough for a belly rub. 

The other day we were in our crates for 7 long hours. We had never been alone in the crates so long and I got bored and wanted something more to do than play with the 6 toys that were in my crate with me. So I thought I’d do a little redecorating. I found under all the gray and orange covering of my crate pad was pretty green and white foam….what fun it was to tear that up!! My water bottle leaks small drips so there was a bowl to catch the drops, I moved that too!  Guess no one appriciated my hard work because all the pieces are gone now.

like my handy work?

While they were away for all those hours this what they saw from the top of Sassafras Mtn

Can’t get much better than this

standing in 2 states

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Measuring Up

Still on the road, haven’t been home since Oct and right now we’re near Pumpkintown ,SC  for a few more days

So, to fill time while the peeps are busy doing what ever it is they do while inside we thought  there would be a better way to measure how wide the trailer is and we came up short

Now that the new girls are starting to settle in things are a bit nutty. Bella has started to become a little demon hiding in a cute pups body. Kind of like a sassy teenager. 

But she is learning bit by bit and someday will respect the old man I am

Skye is a bit older and is really turning into a great girl even if she is a bit energetic for me. I have a thing for older girls 

One day ther might be a new pic of the 3 of us together while awake but don’t hold your breath because they don’t sit still to long. 

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Puppy breath !!

I did not like being the only dog and have been pouting around so My peeps went and got me a new little buddy yesterday. They brought her home late in the afternoon as a surprise.  BOY was I ever!!  She is a sweet, timid little girl who will grow to be bigger than me at around 30 lbs.  She is the mellowest puppy I have ever met ,

I want to introduce Bella, she is 3 and a half month old Mini Australian shepherd

Then they suprised me with the news of ANOTHER girl coming soon. Can you believe this!!  She has to get her health certification before she comes to live with us. They told me she should be here within a week She is a Standard Aussie but will be on the smaller end of the scale. She weighs about 43 lbs and is 11 months old. Not as shy so she will help bring Bella out of her shell some.  They are thinking about naming her Skye . I’m such a lucky guy!


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It’s a sad time

Hey there, Gizmo here with some very sad news. I am now am only dog. We lost Koda to Degenerative Myelopathy early this month. I’m feeling kind of sad and alone Good thing I have my peeps with me. Hoping this crazy virus runs it’s course throughout the country . We aren’t used to being in one place so long, but if it keeps my family safe we’ll stay put. This will be out first summer in FL, boy sure hope it’s not a real hot one,


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WOW it’s been a long while

My people had gotten caught up in life and did not travel much for a couple years. I got old and  lazy and did not post either. They still took us to Florida and will again soon. We leave for a road trip in a few days and I can’t wait! 

I now have a wheel chair made special for dogs…there I am using it . It helps me walk longer and faster.  Gizmo keeps getting tangled up in it …hahahah

Here are a couple pics that we took while out and about. Giz made a new little friend

Harley (on the left) and Gizmo 

and I got BALLS!!!  Lots of them!!

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More fun in FL

Our people went out without us AGAIN. Yesterday they went to Myakka State Park near Sarasota, FL

They took a boat ride (thats why we did not get to go)  and did a little bird watching and gator sighting. Brought us back a few pictures so we could see what we missed. (would have rather had treats) 

Koda is shedding like crazy as we edge over into springtime and I need a haircut…ya think they’d of stayed home and given me a nice new look…but noooo, my hair is still a mess while they had a great time playing all day.

Please excuse the grainy shot, this is as close as we could get and maintain any

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We’re back in FL

Howdy everyone, we’re back in FL and enjoying the sunshine and warm temps. Staying flea free in FL is a challenge at times but we are doing just that. No little buggers on either of us. The Daily doses of Aloe juice our people are feeding us works better than any poision the vet can give us!!   I keep getting in trouble with my lack of self control and big mouth. Gizmo keeps trying to keep me in line but I’m one stubborn dog.

We’ve been to the dog beach and walked some preserves but the best treat so far is the Red Shoulder Hawk that joined us for lunch. That poor snake lost his head!!

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Good night

Peaceful end to the day. …enjoy

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A couple for the road

   Hey!  Little dog hereWe’re winding down here in FL. It’s starting to warm up.  Another week or so and we’ll be wandering north. I think I’m ready to roam. 

Here’s a cute little frog we found hanging out

And a reflection

And of courses another sunset.

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